Screening for Binders by Phage Display

The advantages of selecting antibodies and scaffold-based binders are many. The power of in vitro selection allows for selecting high affinity binders, preferential on/off rates, specificity for one family member antigen from related molecules, antibodies targeted to a specific epitope, and other conditions that may be advantageous to the properties of the binder (stability, gentle elution, metal ion dependency, etc). Unlike traditional monoclonal antibodies, you are choosing from a very high diversity of molecules and will have a recombinant clone of the antibody which facilitates production, manufacturing and reproducibility as well as the ability to engineer the antibody into different formats and with different tags for detection and purification. BDS can create and screen custom phage libraries from a large variety of sources- human or animal PBMCs, other naive antibody sources, scaffold proteins, immunized animals (camelids, mice, rabbits, sheep, rats).

Phage Display Panning Using Recombinant Antibody Clones

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