Anti-Idiotypic Antibody Production & Development

Anti-Idiotypic Antibody DevelopmentOne of the more common requests for custom projects is to discover anti-idiotypic (anti-ID) antibodies. Anti-idiotype antibodies are antibodies that bind to the variable region of another antibody — the region of the original antibody that is in contact with its antigen. This region is quite unique and specific to each antibody. Since anti-idiotype antibodies are specific for the variable region, they have become useful in pharmacokinetic and immunogenicity studies.


Our Anti-Idiotypic Antibody Generation & Development Process

Our anti-idiotype antibodies can be blocking or non-blocking. These are often used in developing clinical antibody candidates, purification (manufacturing) of the target antibody, and tracking the presence of clinical antibodies in patient samples. BDS has significant experience (see publications section) in these types of projects and can discover anti-idiotype antibodies, either as scFv or VHH and from either naïve or custom-immunized libraries. These antibodies can be engineered into more traditional formats appropriate for their specific use (see our antibody engineering section).

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