Antibody Expression of scFv and VHHs

Our standard mode of antibody expression for VHH and scFv antibodies is present in E. coli and the antibodies will have both a N-terminal FLAG and C-terminal HIS tag. The yield will average 100-200 ug for small-scale production  (usually higher for VHH) that can be scaled up for increased yields. The antibodies are purified via the HIS tag by Ni-NTA chromatography and generally are about 90% pure.  Both scFvs and VHHs can be engineered into a traditional antibody format (see Antibody Engineering) by fusing onto a Fc backbone. Antibody generation produces these antibodies at small scale in mammalian expression system with resulting yields of 200-400 ug and also are purified via protein A.

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Small Scale Antibody Production Involving the Engineering of scFvs and VHHs

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