Synthetic Libraries

We have developed multiple synthetic VHH phage display libraries that have proven to be extremely useful for discovering high-affinity binding agents. They all have a set framework and have been randomized in all three CDRs. CDR3 also incorporates variation in length.

The advantages of a synthetic library are many. They do not have the limitations of a naïve or immunized library and can potentially bind to any target. Synthetic libraries do not require the use of animals. Natural-derived libraries often do not recognize “self” or highly homologous antigens from the parent species. Unlike immunized libraries, synthetic phage display libraries can discover antibodies to immunogens that may be toxic or have adverse biological responses when injected.

Naïve and immunized libraries are often over-represented by certain antibody sequences or highly related sequences. Another advantage is that selecting antibodies from an existing library allows one to obtain high-affinity binders more rapidly and at a lower cost. We typically combine all three libraries to maximize the discovery of potential binders and this combination has an approximate diversity of >1 x 1010.

 synthetic vhh library

Naïve Library Screening Service

Bacteria for Phage Display Library Screening

We also have made two naive libraries to screen against your target of choice. We have a human scFv library made from the cDNA of over a hundred donors with a diversity of approximately 2 X 109. BDS has also built a naive VHH library from over ten llamas with a diversity of approximately 1 X 109. We have made two naive libraries that we can screen against your target of choice.

Screening of a naive library is relatively faster and less expensive than an immunized library, but the diversity and affinity of the clones is usually less than those from an immunized library. We do have the ability to perform affinity maturation to improve the affinity and specificity of selected clones. After the rounds of selection, we can deliver sequence information of unique clones and/or small quantities of purified, soluble antibodies.


Immunized Library Creation and Screening

BDS specializes in creating antibodies from the phage display library from immunized sources. Our most common requests are for VHH single-domain antibody libraries from immunized alpacas or llamas. We can assist with sourcing of antigen and immunization strategies as well as the phage display library creation and screening. The deliverables can be simple sequence information of the selected antibodies or small quantities of soluble, purified antibodies.

Our phage display vector and display system is unique and has a number of advantageous properties. We also have other phage vectors available for use.

We have made custom scFv libraries from mouse and human, and can do a variety of other sources (rabbit, sheep, bovine) as long as antibody sequence information is available.

We can also engineer the binding domain into an Fc backbone or other configuration and can do a variety of optimization procedures if necessary.

Learn More About our Phage Display Screening and Creation Services.

Alpaca Antibodies for Phage Display Library Creation

Learn More About our Phage Display Screening and Creation Services

Contact us today to learn more about our phage display screening and creation services and about our synthetic and naive libraries. We'll be happy to provide you with more information upon request.

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