About Biomolecular Discovery Services

Co-founders Dr. Mark Sullivan and Dr. Michael Zwick established Biomolecular Discovery Services to provide antibody and other high-affinity scaffold-derived proteins to the biotechnology field in a cost and time-efficient manner. Our decades of experience in antibody generation and manipulation along with novel applications of non-antibody protein scaffolds allows us to offer contract research services that can deliver solutions to clients in a timely fashion with personal involvement of the founders in project execution, unlike many competitors in this field who outsource much of the laboratory work overseas.

Dr. Sullivan’s expertise in phage display and antibody technology is based on over two decades in both industry and academia employing phage antibody technology to a variety of projects. He has numerous publications and patents as a result of this work. Dr. Zwick brings a diverse biotechnology background to BDS with over 25 years of industry experience in project management and client relations in therapeutic, diagnostic, reagent and CRO sectors of the life science industry.

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Biomolecular Discovery Services - Antibody Generation and Manipulation