Synthetic VHH Libraries

Biomolecular Discovery Services has developed multiple synthetic VHH phage display libraries that have been proven to be scientist working with synthetic vhh librariesextremely useful as high affinity binding agents. They all have a set framework and have been randomized in all three CDRs. CDR3 also incorporates variation in length. The advantages of a synthetic library are many. They do not have the limitations of a naïve or immunized library and can potentially bind to any target.  Synthetic libraries do not require the use of animals. Natural derived libraries often do not recognize “self” or highly homologous antigens from the parent species.

In comparison to immunized libraries, synthetic libraries can discover antibodies to immunogens that may be toxic or have adverse biological responses when injected. Naïve and immunized libraries are often over-represented by certain antibody sequences or highly related sequences. Another advantage is that selection of antibodies from an existing library allows one to obtain high affinity binders more rapidly and at lower cost. We typically combine all three libraries to maximize the discovery of potential binders and this combination has an approximate diversity of >1 x 1010

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