Antibody Discovery & Development

VHH and scFv Antibodies Services Available Across the United States

antibody developmentAt Biomolecular Discovery Services, our team can assist you with antibody generation and development. We focus and specialize in monoclonal antibody production using cutting-edge technologies. 

Our Monoclonal Antibody Development Services Include:

  • Antigen Design and Expression
  • Immunogen Sourcing
  • Antibody Development
  • Antibody Purification
  • Characterization/Modification
  • Validation
  • Immunoassay Development

About Our Anti-Idiotypic Antibody Generation Process

Useful in pharmacokinetic and immunogenicity studies, anti-idiotypic antibodies are antibodies that bind to the variable region of another antibody.

Our anti-idiotype antibodies can be blocking or non-blocking. These are often used in developing clinical antibody candidates, purification (manufacturing) of the target antibody and tracking the presence of clinical antibodies in patient samples.

Our team has significant experience in generating these antibodies and can discover anti-idiotype antibodies, either as scFv or VHH and from either synthetic, naïve or custom-immunized libraries. These antibodies can be developed into more traditional formats appropriate for their specific use.

About Biomolecular Discovery Services

With over 20 years of experience in antibody production, discovery and characterization and engineering, we deliver customized solutions to our clients in a timely fashion with the personal involvement of our scientists.

We were founded by two experienced scientists to provide antibodies and other high-affinity scaffold-derived proteins to the biotechnology field in a cost and time-efficient manner. 


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