Phage Display Libraries

Available Across the United States

phage display imageAt Biomolecular Discovery Services, we offer a variety of phage display libraries and panning services to those in the United States. Our team of scientists is able to use our custom-made scFv and VHH phage display libraries to selectively bind to the target of interest. We can also assist you by creating a custom immunized phage display library from various sources.

Phage Display Screening Services

We offer phage display library screening services, including utilizing synthetic VHH phage display libraries for discovering high-affinity binding agents. Our synthetic libraries can bind to any target and overcome the limitations of naive or immunized libraries.

We also provide naïve library screening services with libraries made from human scFv and Camelid VHH, offering faster and cost-effective options. Biomolecular Discovery Services has made two synthetic libraries in different phage vectors that we can screen against your target of choice or create a custom immunized phage display library from various sources depending on your needs.

We specialize in creating phage display libraries from immunized sources, particularly VHH single-domain antibody libraries from alpacas or llamas, and offer services like antibody engineering and affinity maturation (include links to respective pages).

Our Available Libraries:

  • Multiple synthetic and naive VHH phage display libraries
  • Human scFv phage display library
  • Custom immunized phage display libraries


Phage Display Services

Phage display is a powerful method for identifying protein interactions by using bacteriophages to link proteins with their genetic blueprints, displaying the proteins on their surfaces for screening against targets. This technique allows for the high-throughput screening of vast protein libraries to find interactions, utilizing a process known as in vitro panning or screening. We now couple this with Next Generation Sequencing to discover thousands of potential binders to your target of interest.

At Biomolecular Discovery Services, our team can create and screen custom phage libraries from various human and animal sources or other naive antibody sources and scaffold proteins. With many years of experience behind us, we are equipped to complete detailed phage display panning with these libraries, helping you yield a large amount of information.


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